Find your soulmate this Ramadan

This Ramadan Mohabba are giving away FREE MEMBERSHIP, worth £150, to the first 786 subscribers...but before finding out about this..​

..let me tell you a little TRUE STORY about how...

the blessings of Ramadan changed my life and about how it can change yours too.

5 years ago I was lonely and depressed....

...I had been searching to get married for over 5 years, but felt hindered by so many  obstacles.

I tried everything to find a spouse.

Contacting family, friends, reaching out to religious leaders for them to find someone to me..

as last resort I even joined a marriage website.

Nothing seemed to be helping me on my quest. The blues were really setting in and I began to believe that I would never find a soulmate.

As Ramadan of 2012 approached I decided to place my affairs in Gods hands. I prayed for only one thing that Ramadan.

With all doors closed, I realised that it was only God that could release me from the unbearable hardship of loneliness.

I kept reminding myself that God had promised to answer the call of whoever cries out to Him during this month.

So I asked God to keep his promise.

The night of decree/destiny approached (lailatul qadr).

That night, with all my heart I prayed...

...I shed tears of humility. I beseeched God not to desert me, not to leave my affairs in the hands of others...

...I asked Him, through the intersession of the Holy Prophet and his family, to select for me, the best of matches...

..To select someone who was beautiful on the inside and the outside.

After praying the morning prayers, with tears still in my eyes I went to bed.

The next morning I awoke...

...Like usual, after a couple of hours I checked my e-mails. Sitting at the top of my inbox was a message...

To my surprise I saw that someone had liked my profile on the marriage website I had sceptically joined a number of years ago. Sensing that there may be a link to prayers I had read, only a few hours previously. I responded. She responded back..

Within a week we had met up and....

...within 4 months we were married!

Allah SWT had answered, on that night in Ramadan, in his mercy, my every prayer. The whole package of qualities that i had pleaded Allah (SWT) for, had, like out of thin air majically appeared.

Coincidentally, I had not been the only person pleading to Allah for a partner.

My wife explains that on that very night she also wept and pleaded for a husband...amazing..

Lailatul Qadr….the night of decree….the night when destinies are made.

I have been blessed with so much happiness….an amazing partner with beautiful children….they are all the light of my life.

I believe that non of this happiness would have been possible if I had not:

1) ​Placed my trust in ALLAH (SWT) and

2) Taken a small action…

..that of spending 10 minutes creating that profile, a number of years before, on a little known marriage website.

Without me really knowing it at the time, that small action

opened me up to a world of opportunities.

My options were no longer restricted to a handful of individuals that my parents or friends knew. 

You see, me and my partner do not share the same backgrounds, in fact we did not even share the same country or language.

If it was not for that website, there was NO WAY that i could ever have met my partner...

...Sometimes its the smallest actions

that reap the most valuable rewards.

They say that one of the greatest rewards on the day of judgement is helping two people get married.

I believe that the organisers of that website played an instrumental part in the happiness of my life, and I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart..Inshallah their immense rewards are yet to come.

Being directly effected by their good deeds, inspired me to create Mohabba.

Its an opportunity for me to try and give back to the community and inshallah also be instrumental in creating loving and successful Muslim Marriages. So...

...To help you find love this ramadan

Mohabba is giving away

786 lifetime memberships.

If you are one of the lucky few who take up this offer today, you will be given.. access to correspond with Muslims also looking to get married.

Your membership will last until you find a partner,

be that in a year or in 5 years time…

.Mohabba aims to support you until you achieve your aim.

To claim your offer all you need to do is:


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Create your unique profile 


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There is normally a charge for this service, but for the first 786 subscribers this Ramadan its FREE.

You have got nothing to loose.

Inshallah I pray that, like me, your 10 minutes of effort, this Ramadan will lead to you finding the partner of your dreams.

If you still not sure, don't leave without listening to some wise advice from Preacher Joe! Enjoy!