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By Sayyed | February 23, 2016

The concept of success for a Muslim, by default is twofold. It requires little explanation.

Belief in  the hereafter, in heaven and in hell, necessitates that success means more than simply material pleasures.

Being successful means….

….achieving the best in both this world and the hereafter.

I believe that there are two ways to achieve success. You can either attain success by:


working HARD or by

working SMART.


These are phrases that are often talked about in achieving success in either business or education. What I would like you to do however is to reframe the idea with a view to SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT, the attainment of which is the ultimate success.

You see, all the evidence suggests that Islam wants us to act smarter rather than harder in attaining spiritual success.  Some well-known examples include:


1) Doing ablution before you go bed is on par with remaining the whole night in worship


2) Reciting the Chapter of Unity (Tawheed) 3 times daily is on par with reciting the whole of the Quran


3) Fasting on the 13/14/15 days of each Islamic month is on par with fasting for the whole of the month.


If you do not already practice these small SMART habits, why don’t you try incorporating them from today. They are really easy to do and the rewards are untold.

Of ALL the religious life hacks you can employ however, there is not one that can compete with the single act of marriage.

This is because marriage has a transforming effect upon ALL our actions by magnifying their worth.

A well-known example is that the rewards for one’s ritual prayers are boosted to 70 times the value of a single persons.

There are some schools of thought that advocate a life of celibacy or monasticism as the means to achieving proximity with God.

Islam frowns upon such practices; by staying away from marriage one becomes incapable of achieving the complete potentiality invested within the human spirit.

Pray and fast as much as your body can bear, yet your actions will always be 70 time inferior than a married individual!

Marriage is the ultimate life hack, gifted to us from God however it is a reality that many of us lose site of.

Moving from “me” to “we” is a difficult bridge to cross but it is only through traversing the path that one finds the opportunity for true self development.

Self-development is the cornerstone of our faith, lest we forget that the Prophet of Islam’s main mission was to came to correct our morals.

Marriage plays a crucial role in achieving this aim. It helps to fulfil our material desires whilst also maximizing the spiritual wealth that we will, God willing, all receive in the afterlife.

It is the ultimate life changing hack that can take you to the very heights of your potential by working smart, not hard.

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