About Mohabba

At Mohabba we aim to serve Muslims. We have a passionate belief that Muslims have a duty to achieve excellence in their lifestyle goals. Marriage is one of life’s ultimate goals. In fact marriage is a key that unlocks many doors. Behind each door rests a myriad of golden opportunities to succeed in life and in happiness.

Achieving excellence in any realm of ones life is hard work, yet when mixed with a secret ingredient, the journey towards excellence becomes much easier. This ingredient is love.

Mohabba exists because we believe in the transformative power of love. In fact the name Mohabba means just that in Arabic. It is formed from the root word “habba” meaning “seed”. Can you guess what the green dot in our logo represents?

The seed of marital love is a sublime gift; it is up to each couple however to protect and nurture this seed. This is why we at Mohabba are committed to creating a continual self development approach to Muslim marriages. We believe that this is the key to establishing a successful marriage and an excellent life.

We have loads of interesting articles to read, with many contributors being specialist in their field. We are confidant that Muslims all over will enjoy our unique approach.

If you are a single Muslim you may also use our site to find a likeminded Muslim partner. The site has been developed with an understanding of the challenges single Muslims face when looking for a suitable match. We have used the newest technologies to allow you to express who you are in the best possible light.

We allow you to upload multiple photos and multiple videos and audio too. Creative types, or people who prefer to express themselves in alternative mediums will love these functions unique to our website. Mohabba allows you to express yourself in the best possible light and offers you an unrivalled opportunity, for finding your soul-mate. We have robust privacy settings imbedded within the site. Control how much information other users can see and block any unwanted attention with a simple click. Why not have a browse round our site by clicking the link below. We are sure that you will love the experience.

Our Ethos

We believe that humans have not been created in vain. We have been created with a purpose. As Muslims we have a duty to work towards actualising this purpose. All the prophets of Allah (SWT) have come with the same message and mission. This is to correct the morals of and behaviour of society. Correcting and creating a sound character and moral foundation is about self-development. We believe that as Muslims we must realign and commit ourselves to the goal of bettering ourselves each day.

Marriage plays a huge role in helping us develop our potential. It is a catalyst that can help us lead a life of greatness, success and happiness. At Mohabba we want to work towards Muslims achieving their potential by establishing love and self-development at the heart of their marriages. In doing so we hope to contribute to the strengthening of Muslim families and society as a whole.