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By Sayyed | February 23, 2016

Character building is at the very heart of Islam’s purpose. It is through building a sound character that we are able to attain true happiness and tranquillity in our personal and social lives.

Being aware of how we should behave with our partners is fundamental to  having a successful marriage.

Here is a simple list of character traits that we should all avoid.

Remember that characters are formed by regularly carrying out small actions which form into something much larger.

You must watch out for the small behaviours you do on a daily basis which may fall loosely into one of the behaviour types below.

Act against them NOW and start developing the foundations of a happier marriage.


Avoid finding fault with one another

Avoid being angry with your partner

Avoid breaking promises towards one another

Avoid being argumentative  with one another

Avoid being pessimistic towards life with your partner

Avoid lying to one another

Avoid lying about your partner to others – Slander

Avoid being envious of the good qualities of your partner

Avoid acting oppressively towards your partner

Avoid showing hatred towards one another

Avoid acting virtuously to one another but for alternative reasons –  Hypocrisy

Avoid being proud or self centred of oneself.

Avoid being excessively prudent or tight fisted with wealth – Miserly

Avoid having a selfish desire for more – Greed

“Part of man’s happiness is good manners” (Imam Sadiq RA)

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