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Why do we exist?

Mohabba exists because we believe in the transformative power of love. In fact the name Mohabba means just that (love) in Arabic. It is formed from the root word “habba” meaning “seed”. Can you guess what the green dot in our logo represents?

The seed of marital love is a sublime gift (Surah 30,v21), yet there is still a responsibility upon each couple to protect and nurture this seed. This is why we are committed to creating a self development approach to Muslim marriages. It is only by means of this approach that Muslim couples can maintain healthy and strong relationships.

Our Aim

Simply put, our aim at Mohabba is to encourage marriages that last, to build happy and healthy families and ultimately, to build a stronger society…all this is possible when we learn to nurture the seed of love.

A unique site

Our site allows you to express yourself better and offers you an unrivalled opportunity, for finding your soul-mate. You can upload multiple photos, videos and audio, functionality that is unique to Mohabba. You can also control how much information other users can see and block any unwanted attention with a simple click.

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